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Constness of an object

Defining a function you might want to make some of it's arguments to be constant to avoid unnecessary copying or have a bit more strict interface. There is another way to use constness - there we meet constant class members.

Going up step by step

Have you ever wanted to be able to iterate through your own class as if it was a cool STL container?

Maturing, relocation, getting to the point

So it's been a long time I've wrote something for the blog.
Since the last post few things have changed. For example - I've moved in a foreign country. I went into Ukraine which is not a big deal you would say, but for me it's a pretty significant change in my life.

I've worked a two years in solo on a video related projects, one of which was related to trans-coding video on fly using a gstreamer and the other one was about storing and providing access to a video content by special tags, this one was a nightmare.

The gstreamer is a neat open source solution in video processing libraries. The people designed it are crazy ones - such a over-complicated implementation to achieve flexibility and effectiveness in processing video on various platforms and hardware. The most important about this library for me was it's non-existing support. Or should I say community driven support? I don't know even for now. At the time I've had a couple questions, so basical…