Thursday, August 1, 2013

9 months of being indie game dev

It was a long time ago, when I've decided to be an indie game dev. I've being working in a local outsource company. It was shitty job, but fine people. There was a guy, who was wannabe game dev. I can try to describe his love with Terraria, but I would fail. He was very proud of that fact so Terraria XNA based game and stuff. After code being decomposed he was terrified of shitty, ugly blobs in it.
Actually I like Terraria for it's mechanics, sprites, flying islands and meteorites. Playing it really is fun.
Anyway, it's not about Terraria or my wannabe friend. It's all about choices. And especially about one, which changed my life a lot. It's about writing games.
As many people of the industry I was that type of kids - sitting all free time in from of TV and playing some weird game. My parents was really upset about seeing their child spent hour by hour playing games.
So yeah. Working in that outsourcing company I've finally decided to be a game dev. It was sweet time of IGTM appearance. It so inspires me watching it. 3 unique stories of 3 totally different games. You would say - "Oh boy, it was just success story. Reality is much cruel". Yes I know it. Probably I wont make a lot money in next few years. It isn't important for me, 'cause I have another half-day job (some sort of outsource, but it's much better). I want makes games. It helps me understand how I am and where my place in life is.
So what have happened to for 9 months. A lot of stuff. I've met nice persons acting friendly to me. I was so new for me, I wasn't expect it. I've tried to write some games for 1GAM or Ludum Dare and I've failed it. Writing a game is hard. It's like the hardest thing for me since I've wrote FS driver for linux using fuse or learned how to do multithreaded code. Now I feel fine even when there is a hard task, I know there is no silver bullet but a solution. I can spent a few hours fixing some weird stuff but I'll do it. Actually I'm really good at debugging and tracing, but I'm still grow up. It's amazing to know that there is cool stuff you don't know.

Game dev helps me be me.

PS Fcuk you all, outsourcing companies of my country. You're fcuking piece of shit destroying people will.

It's good enough for 1st post I've wrote in English. I know my English kinda lame, but I'll learn it.