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Put those literals into your code

Since we have seen C++11 we obtained an ability to create user defined literals both prefix and suffix forms.
But let's start from the begging, shall we?

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Going up step by step

Have you ever wanted to be able to iterate through your own class as if it was a cool STL container?

Maturing, relocation, getting to the point

So it's been a long time I've wrote something for the blog.
Since the last post few things have changed. For example - I've moved in a foreign country. I went into Ukraine which is not a big deal you would say, but for me it's a pretty significant change in my life.

I've worked a two years in solo on a video related projects, one of which was related to trans-coding video on fly using a gstreamer and the other one was about storing and providing access to a video content by special tags, this one was a nightmare.

The gstreamer is a neat open source solution in video processing libraries. The people designed it are crazy ones - such a over-complicated implementation to achieve flexibility and effectiveness in processing video on various platforms and hardware. The most important about this library for me was it's non-existing support. Or should I say community driven support? I don't know even for now. At the time I've had a couple questions, so basical…

9 months of being indie game dev

It was a long time ago, when I've decided to be an indie game dev. I've being working in a local outsource company. It was shitty job, but fine people. There was a guy, who was wannabe game dev. I can try to describe his love with Terraria, but I would fail. He was very proud of that fact so Terraria XNA based game and stuff. After code being decomposed he was terrified of shitty, ugly blobs in it.
Actually I like Terraria for it's mechanics, sprites, flying islands and meteorites. Playing it really is fun.
Anyway, it's not about Terraria or my wannabe friend. It's all about choices. And especially about one, which changed my life a lot. It's about writing games.
As many people of the industry I was that type of kids - sitting all free time in from of TV and playing some weird game. My parents was really upset about seeing their child spent hour by hour playing games.
So yeah. Working in that outsourcing company I've finally decided to be a game dev. It wa…

Bright and nice future

Наконец-то я переехал на новое место и заимел довольно хороший канал инета. Рабочее место пока временное, но лучше, чем нечего. Да и в связи с некоторыми причинами было принято решение сделать ремонт. Fast and dirty, но это лишь на некоторое время, я надеюсь...

Проекты нынче как горячие пирожки - только успевай снимать с противня. Всё развивается со скоростью света. Мой проект в ОИПИ требует времени и знаний, кои я сейчас и пытаюсь получить делая локальные исследования Qt благодаря книге C++ GUI Programming with Qt и локальных проектов. Нужно не отлынивать и делать по проектам всю необходимую работу - документирование, UML, разделение абстракций и кода и тд.

Я планирую в ближайшее время заниматься только дипломом и Qt. Затем быстро переключаюсь на Game Code Complete (4th) и OpenGL Insights, для того, чтобы наконец-то закончить игру для 1GAM и хорошо выступить на следующем LudumDare.

Планов много, но теперь и возможности есть.

Offtopic: I'm almost ready to do English posts. There …

KNBLive "Инди-шминди"

После просмотра KNBLive "Инди-шминди" я понял, что термин "инди" довольно аморфен для большинства игроков и я решил внести ещё большую смутуясность в сознание граждан. И таки написал статейку в паб Канобу.

CodeReview: Chest Work by Muir Dragonne

I've did a review for Muir Dragonne's game for 1GAM March. Theme for this month is roguelike. The game is ok. It deals with theme good.

How ever my task not in review gameplay but code.

So here we go. I've found 11 issues. Some of there simple hacks, some take us a topic to discuss.

Classes should be in separate files (h/cpp).Classes are used as structs. KISS use structs.Usually for consants values uses #define. const int - java style.Some global variables.There is short init for srand - srand(time(NULL));Hack for screen clear.wasd sucks for such kind of games. Use arrows.A lot of magic numbers. #define it.There are many classes but no OOP. It's almost C but with classes.Too much routine in main. I would like to cut it in a functions.Classes Trap, Chest can be merged in one class Object. Link to reviewed code.

After all it has good code style, vars naming and such stuff. And also it's simple and not big.

Muir's post about game. It's kinda fun so check this ou…